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alice!'s art dump lmao
mostly i draw pokemon, fire emblem, ocs???nardos, pokemon, apparently haikyuu also
MAIN BLOG: h-axorus

im astoundingly embarrassing sorry 

the first impression i had of these two was that they seem very comfortable around each other 

im way deep in haikyuu heck….

desired aesthetic: lazy dead nihilists  

my two styles are at odds.. must reconcile them 

modern au where inigo comes back from dance rehearsal late at night so owain waits until 10 to make dinner 

jackjerripher said: I'm absolutely in love with your Owain piece, with the crysanthemums, it is the best

;;;; thank you cries owain reminds me of chrysanthemums, they’re obnoxiously vibrant haha 

"the chrysanthemum means compassion, cheerfulness, rest, loveliness, optimism, abundance, wealth, friendship and secret love"-

ahhhh owain is very important to me 

this isnt…..what i intended

rin was the only light in my life 

its been 10000 years