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alice!'s art dump lmao
mostly i draw pokemon, fire emblem, ocs???nardos, pokemon, apparently haikyuu also
MAIN BLOG: h-axorus
  • laurant, age 19: a concert cellist and studio artist. a self proclaimed lover and advocate of freedom of spirit, he’s kind of a fat cat in the underground art scene. he’s somewhat grandiose and a little precocious, but plays it off smoothly, and most people seem to buy that persona. he and ruby became extraordinarily close in their time together, and were briefly known for their impromptu violin-cello street duets. they were great art influences for each other. kind of a jerk. 
  • gerard, age 21: a coordinator, drummer, and sculptor. he’s very open with anyone and everyone and is easily intrigued’ extremely lovable. he’s not that bright, though. is the kind of guy that’d buy a magikarp from that vendor dude. he’s actually a fantastic coordinator.
  • elise, age 20: a studio artist and small time musician. she’s the definition of cool and is real with everyone, and makes a great presence. she’s great at ice-breaking and mediating, but she doesn’t like getting involved with shit she never asked for. her parents own the lounge they like to hang around in. taught ruby guitar. 
  • clarance, age 22: a performing arts major in dance. he’s a the most grounded free-spirit you’d ever meet with his fingers in every variety of pie out there. he’s very bohemian in attitude and lifestyle and lives for others. he’s gracious and kind, and really got ruby into dance. his crew likes to throw street performances, which helps them pay their way through school. 
  • luca, age 18: a trumpet player and to-be fashion major. he’s quirky and fidgets a lot, and kind of awkward. clever, a quick learner. he’s an innovator, and is a great collaborator with ruby. (i forgot to draw his lip piercings jfkgdlk)
  • marcelle, age 19: a brass aficionado with a performing arts major in music. she’s bubbly and knows just about everyone, but is somewhat cynical and is a nihilist? she has a habit of using people, and never seems to learn her lesson. she’s strikingly pretty and her demeanor recalls that of an enlightenment philosophe. 
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